Thursday, 28 November 2013

Technology & Politics

We only need government until it is phased out by technology I'll give an example that should leave no doubt in your mind, and if it's not enough tell me and I'll add more on top of that later. Let's step back about a couple of centuries to 1763. You go to the local butcher. "Gimmie 3 Kg of chicken breast please!" The butcher "does his thing" and put some chicken breast in a bag. He assesses the weight of the bag in his hand, adjusting the amount of chicken breast until he 'thinks' it is 3 Kg. Then he hands it over to you. "Hmmm ... That feels a little light to me ..." So you argue a little, and bring in a third "neutral" person to judge. The neutral person smiles at the butcher and weights the bag: "3 Kg it is!" hmmmm ... Why did he smile at the butcher? And why did he announced it with such emotion? Now YOU question that person's integrity. Is he really neutral? How can you know FOR SURE he is not making a scheme with the butcher and gets his "cut" of the profit later? You go home, share the story with friends and family, spread it around and you all decide to chip in one dollar a day and pay someone to walk around the market and solve disputes of weight. You follow? So you just produced the NEED for another job. So we, as a community, have one less hunter/fisherman/etc to our disposal. Basically, we elected a representative to "solve problems" (disputes on trade of goods). You see how wasteful this is, and how this is susceptible to corruption? Not to mention that this person we elected won't be 100% correct all the time. But that is the best that we could do at the time. Then one day, someone comes and "invents" the scale! 1. (almost) 100% accurate ALL THE TIME 2. Not susceptible to corruption 3. FULLY AUTOMATED (no HUMAN required to operate) Take a second to let this sink in. By introducing new technology, we solve the INITIAL problem that MADE us NEED a "government official" (the person that got elected for the job) And this is how we gradually phase out government. Technology can solve MUCH MORE PROBLEMS than politicians.